They say ‘if it’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing properly’ and we tend to agree that most of time that’s a great saying to live by.

However, if you’ve been cleaning for a couple of hours and have the majority of the house sparkling, it can sometimes be difficult to rouse yourself and clean that hard to reach corner or hidden area.

Never fear, Master Cleaners Bristol and Bath have years of experience in domestic cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, office cleaning and pretty much any type of cleaning you can think of.

We’ve used our experience to pull together a list of tips for cleaning those tricky places around your home. So if your planning your end of tenancy cleaning strategy or just having a deep clean ahead of the festive season read on.

The first tip we can give is using the right piece of cleaning equipment for the right job. Your hover probably has settings and attachments that you’ve never used. If you read through the manual there’s a good chance some of the attachments are for reaching those difficult spots around your home.

Sometimes the spot that you’re trying to reach isn’t hidden or difficult to find, but rather just out of reach. That’s why we would recommend getting a step stool to help with your cleaning efforts. If you can see dust or dirt, then you need to be able to reach it.

In our experience it’s always a good idea to have a cleaning cupboard, drawer or box to keep all of your cleaning products and supplies in (it goes without saying but make sure it is out of harms way if there are children around). If everything is one place you not only know what you have in your cleaning arsenal but also where everything is in-case of a cleaning emergency.

If you’d like some help with any aspect of your cleaning; whether it be end of tenancy cleans, a deep clean of your entire house or your oven cleaned then get in touch with Master Cleaners today.

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