Here at Master Cleaners we regularly work with customers across Bristol and Bath that need help with their end of tenancy cleaning.

While we always do our best to help our client get as much of their deposit back, there are a number of things you (the tenant) can do during your tenancy to keep your landlord on side.

Below are a couple of things we think are important to keep on top of during your tenancy.

Clean Regularly
We’ve mentioned this in a number of other blog posts and for good reason. Regularly cleaning your house means you don’t have to deal with that horrible feeling we know as ‘dread’. It also means your property is more inviting for guests and you have to do as many all day cleaning sessions.

Look after the place
If you’re a tenant in somebody else’s property it’s important to make sure you look after it. But if the drain gets blocked, the washing machine stops working or any other part of the property gets damaged make sure you let your landlord know.

Pay your bills on time
It can be viewed as a sorry state of affairs, but sadly money makes the world go round. As a result, it’s crucially important that you pay not only your rent but also your bills on time. The rent is a given and any landlord in Bristol or Bath will expect that as a minimum. But your bills are just as important as they are tied to the property. If you decide to not pay a utilities bill, the landlord will have to deal with this which in turn could lead to a less that positive reference further down the line.

We hope our little ‘getting on with your landlord’ guide has been of some benefit. If you’re based in Bristol or Bath and would like some help with your end of tenancy cleans then get it touch with Master Cleaners on either 07810568446 or 07810568446.