Moving house can be a stressful experience and if you’re going through the process at the moment your to do list probably includes things like deposits, packing and booking a removals firm.

Something else that you need to consider if you’re moving house in Bristol or elsewhere is the end of tenancy cleaning. Making sure your house is fully cleaned at the end of your tenancy is a great way to ensure you get most of you deposit back. It also helps make life a little easier for the new tenants moving in.

To help make things easier we’ve pulled together an end of tenancy cleaning checklist. While we can’t categorically say this is the most detailed cleaning checklist ever compiled, we do have lots of experience working as professional cleaners in both Bristol and Bath. We believe this gives us some knowledge worth sharing.

– The first thing to do is try to think back to how the house looked when you first moved in, your aim with your cleaning is to bring the house back to that standard.

– Sounds simple but make sure every room has been vacuumed, this can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of the house or flat.

– Clean away the dust on the skirting boards, lampshades and all fixtures and fittings. Your landlord or letting agency will notice this attention to detail.

– Pick a pleasant day and make sure both the inside and outside of all windows have been cleaned.

– Remove all food debris, old pasta and 2009 chutney from the fridge, freezer and kitchen cupboards. If you no longer want your old food, chances are the new occupants won’t either.

– Clean the oven inside and out. You’ll need to call on both a scourer and some elbow grease for this cleaning job.

– Make sure you scrub the kitchen sink and taps thoroughly clean.

– As well as the kitchen sink you’ll also need to clean the bath, bathroom sink and toilet too.

– While you’re in the bathroom it’s also important to try and remove as much soap scum as possible from the bathroom tiles.

If you’re reading this from your Bristol or Bath home and feel you don’t have the time or energy to complete your end of tenancy cleaning give Master Cleaners a call on 07810 568 446.

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